KARL supported School Readiness Program for Pandemic

(Turkey, 2020) KA Research Labs has supported selected public schools in Izmir, Turkey to get ready for Pandemic during education term of 2020-2021 Winter. KARL funded the protective materials, contactless sanitary products, contactless water taps, contactless garbage bins, disinfectant machines, also mobilized local community and parents to support the initiative; in cooperation with the teachers and local authorities. The equipment and materials stationed in different parts of the school facilities, teachers’ room, rest rooms, as well as social areas. During the material and equipment selections, a specific attention was given to the kids aged 6 and 7, those who are going to be the first year in the primary school; the school facilities are also equipped with necessary information guidelines-billboards. This special project has created an awareness among local residents, the parents, and local administrators to implement in other schools in the district.