A History of Customer Satisfaction in Turkey – The National Customer Satisfaction Index 2005-2015.

(Turkey, 2005-2015) KA Research Labs has successfully completed is Not-For-Profit Project; The National Customer Satisfaction Index Program in Turkey (TMME – Turkiye Musteri Memnuniyeti Endeksi); which has been conducted for 10 years; between years of 2005-2015. The program has been conducted in-cooperation with TSQ (Turkish Society for Quality, KalDer); under the license agreement of ACSI (American Customer Satisfaction Index), CFI Group and University of Michigan. Within the scope of the program, the company has conducted over 275.000 customer and citizen interviews across Turkey, in different industries and sectors, and measured sectorial and company specific performances using Fornell/ACSI Model; the results/scores have been published quarterly, independently in the news media. The program has been supported by leading companies in Turkey; and accepted as a norm for independent and scientific measure of customer and citizen satisfaction .

TMME Index has been covered numerously in news and broadcast media; the best performing companies often used as the TMME scores, rankings in their TV, Press, Radio and Internet Advertising Campaigns. Between 2012-2014, for 3 years, Annual TMME Awards have been presented to the leading companies who has the highest scores, and sustainability in the best-performance. 

In addition to the its national impact, several other countries benefitted from Turkey Case; KA Research Limited has advised to the several academia, governmental and non-governmental organizations for the establishment of new national CSI programs in Europe, Asia and Latin America; usually attributed as the best case after ACSI Program in USA.