‘Difficile est thema, durum opus quadrigis, discrimine cogitandi artes cum scientia.’

KA Research Labs (KARL) is an international research institute working in Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia; currently owns offices in Istanbul, Brussels, Baghdad; and affiliates in Washington DC, Rotterdam, Nairobi.

The Institute has established research and non-research companies in different parts of the world, managed research programs in more than 90 countries; initiated and managed non-profit activities during the last 30 years. KARL founded by B.Kilincarslan, an engineer, applied research scientist, and educator.

KARL builds long-term partnerships and alliances with well-known, specialized, and like-minded entities and individuals; subject-matter experts during the managing of its projects and programs; to add value to all stakeholders involved in the projects. The enterprise carefully considers the impact of its projects on earth and humanity.

The areas of interest, knowledge, and expertise of KA Research Labs are listed below:

  • Survey and reform programs on international issues, crisis management, foreign affairs, agriculture, food security, education, governance, justice, elections, public services, labor, and climate.
  • Survey programs on hard-to-reach population groups, peace, tolerance, ethnic and religious issues, refugee and IDP crisis.
  • Monitoring social and political trends, global mechanism, future prediction.
  • Programs on conflict management and resolution.
  • Post-conflict restructuring, aid programs, monitoring and evaluation studies.
  • Programs on anti-terrorism and anti-extremist groups, stability and security building.
  • Public diplomacy programs.
  • Private sector development and capacity building.
  • Academic Studies.
  • Media and broadcasting strategies; use of advertising, films, cinema, TV drama, documentary, video-game, art, and literature.
  • Use of technology (incl. AI, ML, Robotics) on academic, social, and business issues.