A Special Survey on Violence Against Children in Iraq

(Iraq, 2010-2011) KA Research Labs (KA Turkey and KA Iraq) has conducted a special survey on Violence Against Children using qualitative and quantitative survey methods among different target audiences; covering children at different ages, parents, teachers, education authorities; local authorities at district and provincial levels, managers of prisons and orphanage; children staying at orphanages and with protective-families. This study was a major research on the impact of Iraq War in 2003 to the most vulnerable group; the children, their status under post-war conditions, the violence against them. The study was conducted on behalf of UNICEF; Save the Children; The Government of Iraq and KRG; as a part of policy development efforts of Iraqi Governments. 

The survey data was gathered with the norms and the settings of United Nations Violence Against Children (UN VAC): served as the one of the major baseline studies for tackling the issue in the country by UNICEF and Save The Children, and different governments of Iraq since 2010.

KA Research Labs proudly made a financial contribution for conducting this study in Iraq; along with other esteem donors.